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Instead of importing the model target database unity3d package created by MTG,

I want to change the model target behavior's database in real time using the database downloaded form web server.

ModelTarget was created by calling CreateModelTarget, but the database is not loaded. (EMPTY)

I'm inspired by the AreaTargets Test App for Andorid/iOS (https://developer.vuforia.com/downloads/tool#downloadModal) and

want to apply it to my app using model targets.

Please help me how to dynamically load the database of model target. 



** Screenshot

The code that creates the Model Target.

The inspector window of the dyanmically created Model Target.



var modelTarget = VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.ObserverFactory.CreateModelTarget(DataSetXmlPath, DataSetName);


** Enviroment:

    Vuforia Engine : 10.12.3

    Unity3d : 2021.3.0




Wed, 01/25/2023 - 12:49

This issue is of different behavior between Vuforia Engine 9.8 and Vuforia Engine 10.0. This issue is impacting Vuforia Engine upgrade project. Below is additional updates.