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Multi Model Targets in one Unity Scene


Hallo Everyone, I am in dire need of your help regarding my Thesis work. I am suppose to track two model targets in one application.

I trained both the model using the same Target Database. However upon deployment into Hololens 2, it is not able to 

simultaneously track both. If one model gets tracked, the other model Vanishes and I tried using Extended Tracking

Option too, but didnot help me much. One model is Static and the other model is a bit dynamic. But somehow 

I just need to position the static model and switchoff the tracking for it so that the Static model stays on the 

Model target itself and then the other model gets tracked. I need both the models Simultaneously as I am trying to 

integrate Unity Collision Function. The Static model is a car and the dynamic model is the Teil Lamp. The static car model 

doesnot include the tail lamp. I did see in the Vuforia Model Target page that a multimodel target is possible, however 

I am not able to achieve it. Please help me with this Issue. Thanking you all  


Vuforia Engine has the technical limitation where only a single Model Target can be tracked at any given time.

Kind regards,

Dave Downing

Vuforia Engine Technical Support