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Objects Overlapping even with Single Image Target


Hi All,

I've made a very simple app for iOS 16.2 with Unity and XCode 14.2, where I'm making a tiny book with different Image Targets/Objects on each page.

However, I'm experiencing an issue where if I turn the page, both objects are still visible, even though there should only be 1 object shown for the 1 visible Image Target.

I've attached 3 images, one showing both objects visible, another showing the objects overlapping (despite only 1 Image Target being visible to the camera), and a third showing my Vuforia settings in Unity.

I suspect this has to do with some sort of world positioning related matter, but I can't quite figure out how to fix this.

I have rendering settings to show objects only when Tracked, and this occurs even when I have Max Simultaneous Tracked Images set to 1.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there,


I believe this is related to Engine trying to keep the target where it was last seen. I think that if you switch to "VISION_ONLY", you would not get into this issue. This can be done via Vuforia Fusion.