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How to report a technical issue

January 17, 2022 - 5:39am #1

One of the strengths of the community forum is to get support from fellow developers and PTC employees.

If you’re experiencing a technical issue or a bug, remember to report on the below topics to increase the chances of getting a timely and accurate response from the community.

Note: PTC employees can only provide developer support for recent Vuforia Engine versions. Versions v9.8 or lower might not receive an answer.

  • Vuforia Engine version
  • Platform version (Unity, Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio)
  • Device information (model Name, OS, version)

You should also highlight what the observed problem is, what your expected result is and the reproducible steps. You should be able to reproduce your issue with the Core Samples of Vuforia Engine.

  • Observed problem
  • Expected result
  • Reproducible steps

Without highlighting the observed problem and expected result, it is difficult to understand what the issue might be. The reproducible steps are highly valuable as they’re used to replicate the issue and later verify the solution.

Depending on your problem (error, visual glitch, etc.) these details are very important as well:

  • Device log files
  • Affected datasets
  • Videos showing the observed issue (e.g. visual artifact screen recording, Session Recording, etc.)
  • Other observations and notes

When you provide these valuable details, the community can assess the issue better.

Note: Without all details you might get slow or no responses to your questions.

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