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SDK Version 3-0-5 retina resolution problem

July 17, 2014 - 9:53pm #1
Hi I'm Tokidori. I'm iOS programmer.
Recently I have upgraded Vuforia SDK to 3-0-5 then found a problem. 
The problem is in regards to screen resolution.
Camera view resolution becomes higher than before when the app runs on the iPad Retina.
Also, we tried the Vuforia 3-0-5 sample project. 
The captured results are as follows.
The first picture is by iPad mini(not retina display) and the second one is by iPad 4th(retina display).
We ran the same project at the same distance. But the second one seems to be zoomed. 
For comparison, we ran Vuforia 2-8-7 Version Sample project on the Pad 4th(retina display).
While this did not happen in Vuforia 2-8-7, this phenomenon appeared in Vuforia 3-0-5 version sample project and our Tagme3D application that was upgraded. 
I hope to hear a description about solution to this problem.
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