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Vuforia update required for Google Play submissions

September 15, 2016 - 11:01am #1

Effective September 17, 2016, Google Play will block the update and publication of Android apps that use vulnerable versions of libpng, a software library that enables the loading/saving of PNG images. Although Vuforia does not use the at-risk portion of libpng, it does use the library and an update to your app will be required. More details on the libpng vulnerability are available at Google Support.

This Friday, September 16, we will release an updated SDK. In order to prevent your submission from being blocked by Google Play, you must update your Vuforia app with the new SDK. If you’ve already published an application with Vuforia it will remain live in the Google Play store, but the Vuforia update is required to update it.

Check back to our download page Friday for the latest SDK updates to Android and the Unity Extension.

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