Core Features

These samples show how to build apps using the following core features of Vuforia. You can find the Unity Core Features sample in the Unity Asset Store.

  • Model Targets
  • Ground Plane
  • Image Targets
  • VuMark
  • Object Recognition
  • Cylinder Targets
  • Multi Targets
  • User Defined Targets
  • Cloud Recognition
  • Virtual Buttons

Printable target samples

    • Download for Android (92.49 MB)
    • Download for iOS (107.87 MB)
    • Download for UWP (29.50 MB)

Release Notes

Digital Eyewear

These samples demonstrate how to build apps for the different classes of digital eyewear devices.

The HoloLens sample shows how to attach an AR experience to an image and enable extended tracking.

The Vuzix M300 is supported similar to any Android device with the full set of samples in the Core Features section.

Printable target samples

    • Download for UWP (6.07 MB)

Release Notes

Advanced Topics

Advanced samples show how to implement sophisticated rendering techniques for creative effects and demonstrate how to work with C++ on Android and Metal on iOS.

  • Occlusion Management
  • Background Texture Access
  • Video Playback (Unity version in Core Samples)
  • Books
  • Image Targets in C++
  • Image Targets Metal (iOS only)

Printable target samples

    • Download for iOS (43.33 MB)
    • Download for Android (45.76 MB)

Release Notes

External Camera

Driver Samples show an example implementation of the External Camera capability.

    • Download File Driver (61.00 MB)
    • Download UVC Driver (Android only) (22.02 KB)

Vuforia Web Services

These samples demonstrate How To use the Vuforia Web Services API. The Java and PHP samples show how to manage cloud targets from your own content management system. The Python samples show how to automate the generation of VuMarks and implement the Cloud Recognition Web API.

    • Download for Java (12.86 KB)
    • Download for PHP (10.38 KB)
    • Download for Python (3.76 KB)